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Barn Ville


Dreammakers Gaming Tech S.A presents a fun and relaxing scratchcard game with a farm animal theme. To start off, Barn Ville has almost already become a classic scratchcard game. The symbols, the graphic and the setting are factors that make sure that the player get a similar feeling playing the game as he would if he would watch an animated cartoon. The symbols are very influenced by the look of the old Walt Disney cartoon characters. In this game you will meet a few different coloured horses, a duck, a pig and a singing rooster just to name a few.
You start this game by setting your stake preference by using the Up and Down arrows in the Current Bet field. You may choose your stake from €1 all the way up to €10. Once your stake preference is set to a suitable amount, just activate the scratchcard by pressing the Play button in the lower center of the game window. Now it’s time to start scratching the card and you can do this in two different ways; manually, one by one or by clicking on the Show All button which will reveal all scratch fields simultaneously.
After revealing all the scratch fields in the barn you will see if you have managed to reveal three of the same symbol in the nine scratch fields. If you have three identical symbols, it means that you have won and the prize will appear in a blue pop up on the right side of the game window. The prize amount will be added to your account balance immediately. The highest prize amount paid out in this game pays 10,000 multiplied with the stake that you used for the scratchcard game. This will give you a chance to win as much as €100,000 on one single scratchcard.
Barn Ville is a great game which gives a very positive feeling. One nice detail to notice is that before you actually activate the game window by clicking the Play button – the game is at night. Once you press the play button, the sun rises and the game window becomes brighter.

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Year launched: 2009
Software / Network: Dreammakers Gaming Tech S.A
Support email: submitform
Max bonus: €200
Bonus match: 100%
Minimum deposit: €10
No-deposit bonus: €7

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