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onlinescratchcards.comThe moment you enter the world of online gambling you will notice that there are many online gamblers that are looking for the highly sophisticated type of games. These games often require a lot of time studying in order to fully understand the complex rules and the strategies involved. For this reason, players sometimes feel the urge to enjoy a relaxing gaming environment which is foolproof, just like the online scratch cards. Online scratch cards are among the few types of games that are considered to enhance the most relaxing and entertaining gaming environment of all.

The rules of online scratch cards games are pretty simple and will not vary much from one website to another. Below you will find a short guide about the online scratch card rules:

The size of the coin – in order to change the value of the stake you will bet, you will find on most scratch card sites, the + and – tabs. You can easily adjust the stake amount by clicking on either one of them. This way you can select the bet you are going to make starting from $0.10 up to $20 which are the maximum cards available at most of the sites right now.

Select the mode of the game - most of the online scratch cards sites offer a few of different gaming options. This means that you will get the chance to select the way you're going to feel and interact with your scratch games. Normally, you can select among the following online scratch card types of play:

- Manual Scratch - this type of play gives you the closest it can get to the reality, since it's going to recreate the feeling you have in the moment you scratch the symbols of the card one by one. This type of play is perfect for those that wish to relax and feel good while they are scratching the cards.

- Auto Scratch - this type of play is a little bit different than all the others. All you have to do is to press Auto Scratch and the scratch card will automatically be scratched.

- Auto Play - this is the ultimate type of play where you can play by pushing only one Start/Stop button. You will have to select a number of cards and the computer will scratch off all the cards for you. You simply sit back and relax and watch your winnings accumulate.

Since the rules are very simple and all you have to do is click, it is impossible to break the rules while playing online scratch cards. The only time when you will no longer be able to play the online scratch cards games is when you run out of money in your account and you will no longer be able to buy any additional cards to scratch.

The online scratch cards games are very relaxing and fun. The most commonly used online scratch card softwares are set to the winning odds 1:3. This means that when you are buying online scratch cards, 1 out of 3 will be a winning card. You will not only enjoy a comfortable gaming environment, chances are 1:3 that you will win as well.

Final Online Scratch Card advice! You will always find very good scratch card sections in most of the dedicated online bingo sites. For this reason we encourage you to take a look at On this web site you will find a wide selection of trustworthy online bingo sites that all have a nice selection of scratch cards to offer. If you prefer the site to be in Danish, then visit The online bingo sites usually have very generous signup bonuses where you will get a combination of free money and a percentage deposit bonus.

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